MCA Test Preparation Confirmation


We ran in to this the other day, and this is what worked for us…

We were working our way through a computer lab in preparation for MCA state testing and found ourselves looking for a way to check our work to make sure the preparations had worked appropriately.  Pearson has a default user you can use to log into the testing site to make sure the computer you are using has been set-up correctly.

We used the following steps and were able to check out preparations accordingly:

  1. Open up the web browser you will be using for the exam
  2. If there is information in the address bar, erase it, enter the following, and press enter:
    1. httpss://
  3. Upon arriving at the site you should be prompted with a screen asking for username and password
    1. *Note – if you see any errors when attempting to access the site, you will need to check the security settings related to Java and/or Flash
  4. For the username, enter “username”
  5. For the password, enter “testcode”
  6. If you are presented with the “Congratulations” screen you have completed the installation of testnav successfully

If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments or feel free to call Canopy IT Solutions for a free consultation.