Your single-use code is…

If you are a Microsoft 365 business or school user and you receive an unexpected message with the subject line “Your single-use code” and body “Hi <name> We received your request for a single-use code to use with your Microsoft account. Your single-use code is: XXXXXXXX”, it likely there is a personal Microsoft account with the same Email address. Yes, it is possible to have a personal and business emailbox with the same address

The “fix” will be to log into the Personal Microsoft account and disable it. 

Open a new web browser instance that is not already logged into Microsoft 
Go to 
Enter your email address 
Important -> Select “Personal Account” (NOT “Work or school Account” )
Select “Sent a code” 
You will get the code in your work email 
Enter the code 
Delete your personal account or disable it

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