Inserting Images in Google Slides Using Mobile Devices (iOS)


We ran into this the other day, and this is what worked for us…

We had a teacher with students who were not able to add pictures to their slides while using Google Slides on the iPad mobile device.  We found there was no option for adding pictures which were saved on the device nor was there an option for taking a picture and inserting it.  We used the following steps as a work around and were able to add pictures using the Google Slides application.

  1. Open Google sheets on your mobile device
  2. Either select a project you have saved, or create a new project by tapping the plus symbol in the lower right hand corner
  3. Once you have your project open and are on the slide you would like to insert the image on to, perform the following steps:
    1. Look to the upper right corner of the screen and tap the button made up of three vertical dots
    2. You will be presented with a slide-out menu

i.     Tap “Share & export”

ii.     Tap “Save as Powerpoint (.pptx)”

  1. A new file will be created (a copy of the original project you created) with the same name as the original project

i.     **Note** – You will be able to tell the files apart by the symbol to their left when looking at your list of slide projects

  1. Yellow box = Slides file
  2. Red P = PowerPoint file (these files will also have .pptx appended to their name)

ii.     Once the file is created, the Google Sheets application will automatically close the original project you opened, and will open the newly created Powerpoint project without leaving the Google Sheets application

  1. With the new file open, use the following steps to insert an image:
    1. Look to the upper right corner of the screen and tap the plus symbol
    2. A menu will slide up from the bottom of the screen containing the following options:

i.     Image from Storage – this would be an image already saved on your mobile device

  1. Tap the folder your image is located in
  2. Tap the individual image you would like to insert
  3. Zoom/Relocate the image to your liking
  4. Tap “Choose” in the lower right corner when you are satisfied with your edits
  5. The image will now appear on the slide, and you can move/resize the image to your liking

ii.     Photo from Camera – this will allow you to take a new picture using the camera on your mobile device

  1. Use the steps outlined in “i” above

iii.     Text

iv.     Shapes

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