Configuring Printers for Chromebooks using Google Admin

Log into the Google Admin Console

Navigate to  Devices -> Chrome -> Printers

Select the organizational unit containing the users you would like to have access to the printer/copier

In the bottom right-hand corner of the window hover your cursor over the plus symbol and select the button with the printer icon on it

  1. Enter the Printer Name. Chrome users will see this name
  2. Enter a Description (optional) 
  3. select lpd
  4. Host = enter IP address of the printer
  5. Port and Path = Accept defaults
  6. Select “ADD PRINTER”

Allow use (remember this step)

  1. If need be re-select the organization unit you selected above
  2. Click on the printer/copier you just created
  3. From the slide-out menu adjust the slider to the right next to “Allow for users in this organization”

The printer should then show up in a few minutes (might take a logout and login of the device)

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